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ArtDeck Inc.

Fighting Water Successfully for over 30 years

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We will evaluate your waterproofing needs based on the project size, type, and materials needed so it is best-suited for your property.

    Gypcrete Systems

    A gypsum concrete floor underlayment which is valued for its fire ratings, sound reduction, radiant heating, and floor leveling capabilities.

    Decking Systems

    We provide top-quality, customizable, and durable waterproof walkways for various kinds of projects

    Balconies & Terraces

    Top-tier waterproofing for balconies and terraces, which prevents damage and enhances property value with durable solutions and personalized service.

    Roof Deck Systems

    Professional rooftop deck installation extends your roof's lifespan, reduces repair costs, and enhances property value by protecting against weather damage.

    Vertical Wall Coating & Caulking

    We excel in waterproofing for diverse applications, offering tailored, durable solutions that consider site conditions, weather, and surroundings to ensure customer satisfaction.

    Stamped & Stained Concrete Floors

    Our cutting-edge technology enhances and fortifies concrete via tough polymer sealers for waterproofing and UV protection, ideal for basements, patios, driveways, and pool decks.

    Vehicular & Pedestrian Coatings

    Our durable epoxy floors resist oil, spills, water, heat, and stains, offering slip-resistant, waterproof options for stylish garages, workshops, and showrooms.

    Joint Sealants & Crack Repair

    We use specialized sealants to minimize moisture penetration in concrete joints and cracks, ensuring lasting results through our unique preparation method for optimized structure longevity.

    Commercial Projects
    Residential Projects
    Happy Customers

    What Clients Say

    I just wanted to say that this company is a really exceptional company when it comes to waterproofing and also waterproofed deck installation.

    They came to us years ago when our recently purchased home was unexpectedly leaking terribly. The damage was so bad and even though they were busy, they found the time to come in with massive crews and just tackle the issue of our leaking flat roof and surrounding roof walls trying to stop the leaking. The previous owners had apparently been dealing with leaks for years and had failed to disclose. As a result there were a significant amount of problems to tend to and we feel they were fair on price overall but certainly when it came to these unplanned expenses such as replacing damaged wood.

    Cheryl P.

    BEST SERVICE I HAVE EVER RECEIVED. Please don’t waste your time looking for other waterproofing companies. Nate, from ArtDeck Inc. , came to our property and provided us with an estimate to install/replace the existing waterproofing system on the deck. He answered all my questions, and responded to all my emails in a timely manner. I received 3 other estimates, but nothing could compare to the price, honestly, and integrity of Art Deck.

    Steve F.

    I called Art because I thought there was a waterproofing issue at my home. Art is an honest guy who gives you the right suggestion. He told me that the temp solution was water proofing but the long term solution was something else as in replacing the actual windows. If you are looking for an honest person then you should call this company. I hope I never have issues with waterproofing but if I do, the first person I will reach out is Art.

    Amy B.

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